FivemHub Rules

Staff has a list of ban times for each offence

  1. Founder and Head of STAFF always have final say

  2. Be respectful to other players in the game. Treat others how you want to be treated. Role playing is not an excuse for being disrespectful to anyone.


  1. It is required to use the same in-game nickname every time you play, if you want to change this nickname, please post the appropriate change on the appropriate thread in the forums.


  1. Continuous“trolling”, obnoxious, or counterproductive behavior is against the rules and can result in admin action. (Ex. flying in circles over the police station over and over for no reason, continuously dropping winched cars to damage other players’ property for no reason etc.) Some less serious forms of “trolling” are already against the law in-game, such as opening player's doors for no reason. More serious forms like the ones mentioned in this rule can be considered rule violations instead of law violations if an admin feels that it’s necessary. first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. NEW LIFE RULE: If you’re killed by a civ in a rival gang or a police officer, you get a new life. If you die by any other means you are still wanted after your death and do not get a new life. first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No teleporting to admins or staff this will resolve in to a kick then ban (all staff will not respond until the player has been reported by doing /report then the players id then the reason) first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. Ramping over the motel in Sandy is failrp first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. Impersonating staff is a bannable offense.


  1. Having a colored name ingame is also considered impersonating staff with fist will be a kick then a ban if the player doesn't change his name or name as a color (/me is not is not allowed) first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No pet rp first is a kick offense then Ban offense

  2. No zombie rp is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No military rp first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No PMC rp first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No nocliping across the map (Staff is exempted) first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No aircrafts with out the pilot tag in discord first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No speed boosts first is a kick offense then Ban offense

  2. No nocliping or tp out of rp or to a player first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No Super cars first is a kick offense then Ban offense

  2. No stealing emergency vehicles first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. No cop baiting first is a kick offense then Ban offense

  2. No stealing or driving staff cars unless you are a Staff member first kick offense then Ban offense


  3. No saving admin vehicles Ban offense


  1. Hacking, exploiting or glitching will result in an automatic Ban offense (we do not tolerate hackers no ban appeal will be taken)

  2. We do not tolerate disrespect to all races or gender regardless it's Rp or not and will result in an automatic Ban


  3. To be a true civilian you must be in the cad if you are not your considered a illegal immigrant


  4. Do not Spam stew with you got to fix this you got to fix that (YOU MUST MAKE A SUPORT TICKET IF THERE IS A PROBLEM)


  5. Do not spam Heads of staff or Founder for traininng


  6. Staff My Lead a Department But must pass leadership once finds a leader

  7. Leaders Of a Department Must make 3 roleplay events every week (Must make forum announcement and tell head of staff)

  8. Leader Of a Department Must create a meeting every 2 weeks must be with10 people in the department

  9. If you don't have the tag to drive a vehicle dont drive it (this also means staff too)

  10. As a leader You cant dule clan or dule lead a department

1A. Discord and Communication Rules

  1. Once you have died (for any reason) you may not give out any information about what happened before you died on Discord or in game. Even when you re-spawn, it’s considered a new life and you may not report what happened before you died or while you were spawning. fist is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. Talking over game chat or Discord after you have died is discouraged. But as long as you do not give out information it is not against the rules. For example, saying “nice shot” is OK but saying “the shooter is on the 2nd story of the bank” is against server rules. first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. Firefighters must be in the Fire radio channel, no other channel first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. Cops must be in cop radio channels, civs must be in civ channels. first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. Asking players to leave the game/Discord for another server and giving out server info on our servers is not only disallowed, but it’s very rude and disrespectful. If a player is caught doing so, they will be punished accordingly. (Ban offense)

    1A1. GENERAL Discord rules

  • Spam
  • General Rudeness (Being intentionally rude to another person)
  • Arguing
  • Chat Trolling to extents beyond actual trolling.
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Unapproved Links
  • Rioting
  • Threats
  • Nothing that is NSFW is not alowed anywhere els exp. the discord channel nsfw
  • Advertisements will result in a ban. only partnerd servers can advertise there server in the partner channel
  • Discrimination/Racism
  • DDOS, death or malicious threats are INSTANT PERM BAN
  • No using 3rd party software (bots) for Leveling Boosting on this server
  • Revealing Personal information
  • IMPERSONATION (of staff members)
  • Do not tag everyone you will be banned
  • No Drama Starting
  • Do not pointlessly tag
  • Do not exploit a Discord Glitch/Bug.
  • If caught using bots / 3rd Party Software to level you're account will result in a account reset / ban.
  • Please do not ask for personal information from staff or discord users.
  • If you are not able to do certain things in the general chat please pm a admin telling them the error message.
  • Do no play NSFW Sounds / Music in voice chat with out staff promission
  • Do not spam founder or head of staff for staff tag (you may ask to be staff but don't spam or beg for a tag)


1B. Death Matching

  1. Death matching is killing without reason. For example, looking for cops to kill just to kill them, or if a civ kills another civ for no legitimate reason. Civs and cops should only get into firefights for reasons relating to crimes. first is a kick offense then Ban offense  


  1. Remember that although sometimes your death may seem like a death-match, there may be a legitimate role-play reason or mistake behind it. ALWAYS talk to the person who killed you before consulting an admin. first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. Vehicle to Vehicle ramming of unknown civilians without cause is equivalent to death-matching. first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. Wanted civs may of course ram police vehicles first is a kick offense then Ban offense


  1. It is not death-matching to intentionally vehicle to vehicle ram a member of another gang. first is a kick offense then Ban offense



  1. Stealing police vehicles is not allowed.


  1. Stealing vehicles from others as soon as the vehicle spawns is against the rules


  1. Speed limits do apply


  1. Having alcohol in your system is illegal while driving. If a civ is found with alcohol while driving any type of vehicle. (In game RP)


  1. Possession of an unlicensed weapon is a felony. Jail time and seizure of the weapon are appropriate.


  1. Civs can be an informant for police and vice versa. That does not give the informant the right to join another Discord channel. The informant must use a mobile phone or meet his contacts in game. Anything the informant hears in Discord cannot be told to someone else. The informant must see the act they are reporting or be told about an event that is going to happen through game chat.


  1. Once you have been restrained, you must follow the orders of the officers unless they go too far away and you are auto freed. You may not run away, get into vehicles, etc. until you are arrested or all nearby officers are killed.


  1. Re-spawning while restrained or being stunned, or to avoid capture in any way is cheating and will be punished accordingly


  1. Getting into/out of vehicles while stunned or restrained is exploiting and will be punished accordingly


  1. You may not steal any emergency vehicles


  1. Once you have been stunned or restrained by the police you may not commit suicide by typing /respawn.


  1. Intentionally running over any other player, cop or civ, is not allowed. Ramming other players’ vehicles is not vehicle DM, but you must have a reason to do so.


  1. Civs may not intentionally run over cops and vice versa. If someone is run over by accident the driver must compensate the civilian. The victim must be on foot in order for it to be vehicle DM





  1. Gangs are consiered to be at war by default unless they choose not to be hostile to one another. No declaration of war or any other overt action is required for gangs to be in a state of war.


  1. Gang Members can kill members of other gangs if they know the target is armed. Gang Members may kill rany civilian who is inside there gang areas. Also, Gang Members may vehicle to vehicle ram another vehicle if they KNOW it to contain enemy gang members.


3B. ZIP-TIE RULES (/cuff)

  1. If you are zip tied you must role-play as though you are restrained, the same rules and practices that apply to being restrained by the police also apply if zip tied by civs.
  1. Don’t zip tie civs for any noreason.
  1. DO NOT LEAVE A ZIP TIED CIV IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (or any equivalent trollery). Yes it is hilarious if you are the hostage taker but it is unfair to use the zip tie rules simply to troll someone so don’t do it.
  1. When a player is ziptied they may not contact other players in any way (Including Discord) except for direct chat. This is part of roleplaying restrained.
  2. Zip tying is illegal and is considered a hostage taking.
  3. Possession of zip ties is legal, UNLESS the person is found to also be in possession of an unlicensed or illegal firearm. In this case the police may sentence the person harshly as a presumptive hostage taker. If in a car with any number of occupants both an illegal gun AND zip ties are found, all of the occupants of the car may be charged as presumptive hostage takers.



  1. There is NO FLYING unless you have the pilot tag first is a kick offense then Ban offense

3D. Terrorism/Bombing

  1. No Bombing first is a kick offense then Ban offense

  2. no explosives is a kick offense then Ban offense

  3. No Terrorism is a Ban offense

  4. saying allahu akbar will not be tolerated is a kick offense then Ban offense

  5. all acts of terrorism will result in a Ban




6A. Lethal

  1. The police may kill people on sight for committing the following crimes, although this list may not contain everything:

  • Having an un-holstered weapon on/in any of the following:


    • Gas station

    • Bar property

    • Pharmacy property

    • Police base

    • Airport property

    • The bank

    • Threatening the life of another player in voice or type

    • Participating in any capacity in a Bank Robbery

    • Participating in any capacity in a convoy Robbery

    • Participating in any way in a hostage taking mission or hostage taking of a player

    • Attempting to murder another player or being wanted for murder

    • Aiming a weapon at another player

    • If a chase has lasted longer than 10 minutes


6B. Searches


  1. The police have the right to identify all of the occupants of a vehicle on a traffic stop.


  1. COPS MAY NEVER RANDOM SEARCH. An officer must have probable cause to search. (IE. Searching a civ that was near the bank while the bank was being robbed)


  1. Police are not allowed to search civs when civs are not wanted but have been seen going to or coming from a gang area, or assassination camp.


  1. The police may conduct an inventory & license search on any civilian taken into custody for an arrestable crime, as well as any civilians found within a car in which one of the occupants is placed under arrest, as well as any situation in which one or more civilians could be said to be clearly in the company of a civilian who is wanted for an arrestable crime.


  1. When a civilian is discovered at or near the scene of a crime or the police have probable cause to suspect the civilian’s involvement in an arrestable crime… many situations that establish PC will be treated specifically below


  1. When a civilian is found to be in a still or otherwise suspicious vehicle


  1. The police may conduct an inventory & license search on civilians in the following situations (NOTE: This list might not contain every possible situation (ALSO NOTE: Good faith is required for all police searches. Any attempt to contort or abuse these rules in order to allow searches of civilians that are clearly not involved in a crime will be punished by an admin. USE COMMON SENSE, and if that fails, ask an admin whether or not a search is warranted)



6C. Police Rules

  1. Cops MUST HAVE A NON LETHAL WEAPON or a weapon that has both stun and lethal ammo. (Admins & Instructors are exempt)


  1. Cops must obey traffic laws, unless responding to a call. Police must have their lights and sirens on for legitimate reasons in order to speed.


  1. If a vehicle is illegally parked or blocking an area they must ask the civ to move it, if the civ does not move the vehicle the police can impound it without compensation to that civ.


  1. Any vehicle used in a crime must be impounded.


  1. Any weapon used in a crime can be taken as evidence.


  1. Taking weapons or police vehicles over when you switch from cop to civ is not allowed


  1. During a routine traffic stop, police should never search a civilian or ask a civilian to put their hands up.


  1. Cops may not camp the bank, gang areas or gas stations. They may patrol these areas but may not stay for an extended period of time


  1. Cops may restrain civs for their own safety if they feel their lives are in danger. (Does not mean they can restrain a Civ on every traffic stop)


  1. Cops may search any civ and vehicle at any manned bar-gate.


  1. When a civ is restrained and put into a car to be taken to jail, the police should tell the civ what the charges are before booking the civ into jail. If the civ fails to ask what the charges are, it isn’t a big deal if the cop doesn’t tell him.


  1. The Gun shop is a legal shop and a civ being near it is not a reason to search them

  2. The cops may execute search warrants at the house of any civilian who is wanted for an arrestable crime (not including arrestable vehicle license issue i.e. no searching a guy’s house for driving without a license). If a player has attempted to murder police officers with a gun, the police may announce a warrant service at the civilians house even though the civ is dead to secure any weapons. The police must announce AND actually serve the warrant WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF THE CIVILIANS DEATH, or they lose the option. The police may also serve warrants anywhere they have probable cause to believe a felony is being committed; however, the police information must rise approximately to the level of probable cause for a search in the United States in the present day. If you make a mistake and serve a warrant that you do not have the right to serve, you may be subject to admin action such as a kick or a Ban . When in doubt, do not serve a warrant.


  1. The K9 Officer MUST have a dog at all times


  1. only swat may use Swat guns and Swat vehicles


  1. Only one Bearcat can be spawned at any one time.


  1. All lower officers must listen to the sergeant’s orders


  1. Internal affairs may not be corrupt or break any laws/rules in any way, unless it is a politically motivated action aimed at regime change.


  1. If the cop to civ ratio is unfair some cops may be asked to switch to civ to balance the server


  1. Public cops must do /onduty to be a public officer and spawn the car id police7 or police6


6D. Police Corruption

NO IA ON = First is a kick offense then Ban offense

  1. Police Corruption is not allowed unless there is an Internal Affairs Officer Online


  1. Some forms of police corruption are allowed and would be dealt with in game by the internal affairs officer and the rest of the police force. Others are not and will result in a Ban .


  1. If internal affairs and/or the rest of the cop team are trying to apprehend or kill a corrupt cop, the corrupt cop may kill any and all police officers until they die or are arrested.


  1. Once a corrupt cop is killed or arrested, the corrupt RP is OVER and they may not act against fellow officers until IA comes after them again for something else.


  1. Cops may be corrupt in any way that involves them “looking the other way,” consciously not doing their jobs, or passing information to criminals. In general, police may not actively do a criminals job directly…


  1. Police may not transport drugs on behalf of civilians or for profit, but police may seek to possess drugs for personal use.


  1. Civilians can bribe their way out of jail.


  1. The ONLY truly criminal job that cops may perform DIRECTLY is to be an escape or “getaway” driver for civilians.


  1. If you are unsure whether or not a specific kind of corrupt action is simply illegal or is actually against the rules, ASK AN ADMIN BEFORE DOING IT. Remember, an admin cannot use any questions you ask in ts against you in-game.


  1. Once a corrupt cop is either killed or apprehended, the chief of police OR Cop 1 can require them to go civ for the rest of the round. This is not optional and failure to obey when you have been “fired” is a violation of server rules. For one narrow exception see the next rule.


  1. If IA or the police chief fires an officer, that officer may choose to disobey and go rogue. If so, the police force must apprehend or kill the rogue officer before he can be forced to go civ. Once he has been apprehended or killed however, he must obey. THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN AN ADMIN TELLING A COP TO GO CIV BECAUSE THEY BROKE A RULE. If an admin tells a cop to go civ AS AN ADMIN, they must obey immediately or will be banned, as with all admin orders.


  1. Corrupt cops may not do anything to cause a civ to be wanted when he should not be. Corrupt cops can only start to mess with civs if the civ is already wanted for something the civ actually did.


  1. Corrupt Cops may kidnap civs who have already been correctly arrested.


7. Fire Department


  1. To play as a firefighter you must be in our Discord with a working mic.


  1. Firefighters must stay in the Fire Radio channel


  1. Firefighters may not be killed or robbed by anyone at any time.


  1. Firefighters may not enter gang areas or the hostage area unless called there.


  1. You may not use any fire department vehicle in a crime, or commit any crimes


  1. You cannot have a weapon while playing as a firefighter


  1. Firefighters may not be part of a gang, involved with gang activity or be biased towards any faction or group


  1. Firefighters MAY NOT spot for cops


  1. Firefighters MAY NOT be taken hostage


  1. Firefighters must respond to any call for medical help, even to criminals


  1. Purposely Killing a Firefighter or destroying a fire department vehicle on purpose will result in a kick or a ban.


  1. Stealing or driving a fire department vehicle is not allowed as a civ or cop.


  1. If you no longer wish to play a firefighter you must switch player npc and you must delete any fire department vehicle you spawned


  1. When driving as a firefighter, YOU MAY NOT break any traffic laws unless you are going to a call. When going to a call, you must use the light bar to ignore traffic laws just like the cops.


  1. YOU ARE NOT A COP. Do NOT get involved in chases, do NOT get in the way of cops when they are trying to deal with criminal activity, and do NOT attempt to use your vehicle to cut off fleeing civilians.


  1. Firefighters must put out fires before going to another call

  2. You must be trained to be a firefighter

  3. You must be in the vehicle that you were only trained on only